Aon/Albert G. Ruben (Aon/AGR) experts can deliver the diversity of perspective, data and resources needed to ensure that your best defense is, in fact, your offense. We can do this because, as part of Aon’s strategy of developing solutions for mitigating industry-specific risks, Aon/AGR focuses on each sector within entertainment as well as the industry as a whole.

Our areas of specialization include:

Motion Picture Production Insurance

Whether your production is in development or greenlit, shooting domestic or foreign, with a large or small budget, Aon/AGR will help you procure the appropriate insurance coverage.

We provide comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions for all aspects of motion picture production.

Television Production Insurance

The area of televised programming has expanded dramatically. With the evolution of cable and satellite Television, new specialty channels covering everything from food preparation to science fiction productions continue to emerge. Aon/AGR leads the way in providing effective coverage for each segment of television production including mini-series, specials, documentaries, animation, music videos and commercials.

Our team possesses both the technical expertise and deep industry knowledge to deliver the best terms, conditions, and pricing while our clients focus on delivering award-winning programming.

Reality Television Production Insurance

Television programming has changed drastically as reality programs have grown to become a mainstay in the industry. At Aon/AGR we have maintained our dominance in this field, brokering insurance for the largest number and riskiest reality programs over the past decade. We have the most experienced staff trained in understanding the very specific needs of the reality producer. Whether you are filming a complex stunt driven series, to a game show, or anything in between; Aon/AGR has you covered.

Television Commercial Production Insurance for Advertisers and Advertising Agencies (Wrap Up Programs)

Aon/AGR offers a Television Commercial Blanket (Wrap Up) insurance program whereby advertising agencies and advertisers can purchase a blanket policy covering all of their television commercial needs.

The advertiser/advertising agency extends these coverages on a primary basis to the production companies filming television commercials on behalf of the advertisers. The coverage is broader and has higher levels of protection than a normal independent production company might carry. Also, the advertiser/advertising agency enjoys substantial premium savings, and it is possible to set up the policies so that coverage is automatic in most cases, thus avoiding potential gaps.

Live Events Insurance

Aon/AGR is well versed in appropriate coverages for traditional and non-traditional entertainment such as:

  • Professional sports franchises
  • Theatrical productions including but not limited to: Broadway, off-Broadway and touring companies
  • Guerilla marketing companies
  • Campaigns
  • Trade shows
  • Special events
  • Golf tournaments

Aon/AGR also provides comprehensive, competitively-priced coverages for the music industry, including: touring groups, entertainers, musicians, record companies, venues, special events, concerts, and promoters

Risk Management / Loss Control

Aon/AGR offers risk control consulting services and comprehensive injury and illness prevention programs written specifically for film and television production. Our entertainment experts can provide on-set consultation for hazardous activities such as stunts, pyrotechnics, aircraft, and remote, unusual or dangerous locations.

Aon/AGR will liaise with the Occupational Health and Safety Agency (OSHA) in contesting citations, seeking reduction or elimination of penalties and documenting corrective action, among many other services.

Claims Advocacy

Aon/AGR takes a proactive role regarding coverage issues. We advocate for our clients through policy analysis, current case law and current industry practices. Our dedicated and specialized claims handling teams have established strong relationships with our carriers and can bring the negotiating power of Aon to the table.